Super compact crypto cold storage on stainless steel

  • Water-proof
  • Fire-proof
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Hacker-proof

What you get

  • Two-sided metal plate in credit card size
  • Metal tip for precise punches
  • Permanent marker
  • Paper bag for storage

Up to 25 words storage
Wallet label option
Alphabet repetition for easier navigation

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1 x SmallSeed

50.00 CHF

1 x SmallSeed set incl. metal tip, permanent marker and paper bag for storage

Tracking number


Tracking number for shipping (includes A Priority shipping)

How it works

  • Mark
  • Punch
  • Clean
  • Hide

Stress test

Stress simulation assuming a burning house @800°C followed by a house collapse with 30-40T impact



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What is a seed recovery phrase ?

When you generate a crypto wallet, you are typically asked to write down a list of 12 or 24 words, also known as the seed, recovery phrase, or mnemonic. In case your wallet device gets stolen or becomes unusable, this list of words allows you to re-gain access to your digital funds.

The words used in the recovery phrase are selected from a list of 2048 English words. The BIP39 list has the feature that each word can be uniquely identified by its first four letters. As a result, instead of backing up each word as a whole, it is sufficient to back up the first four letters only (three letters for three letter words).

What is SmallSeed ?

SmallSeed is a metal cold storage solution to backup the recovery phrases for your digital assets. As opposed to paper, SmallSeed is designed to protect your recovery phrase against disasters such as a house fire, flood or a house collapse.

Why SmallSeed?

SmallSeed stands out from similar offerings in many different ways:

  • Two-sided metal plate in credit card size.
  • It allows to store up to 25 words in select cases like Monero
  • There is a wallet label option for up to 4 characters
  • An alphabet repetition makes navigation easier and mistakes less likely
  • The package includes a paper bag to store the metal plate

What size is the plate ?

The plate is credit card sized, i.e. 86x54mm and 2mm thick.

How many words can I store on SmallSeed ?

The two-sided design allows to store 1x24, 1x25 or 2x12 word recovery phrases.

Note: it is sufficient to store the first four letters of each word (e.g., “Access” -> “ACCE”, “Winner” -> “WINN”) as they uniquely identify each seed word.

Do I need any additional equipment ?

Yes, you need a hammer to punch the metal tip.

How much does it cost ?

One SmallSeed set costs CHF 50 + CHF 10 shipping. Please note that orders shipped outside of Switzerland may incur customs fees.

Can I pay in crypto ?

Yes, please get in touch with us via email ( or use the form below.

Where do I enter my shipping address ?

You can specify the shipping address at Strike checkout.

Where do you ship ?

We ship globally.

Do you offer a tracking number ?

Not by default. If you wish to have a tracking number for your package, please add the tracking number item to your basket (CHF 12) which also includes A Priority shipping.

Can I order plates without the metal tip ?

If your metal tip is still intact, you can order a separate plate. Otherwise we advise to order one including the pen.


Share with us your questions, opinions and experiences with SmallSeed and help us to improve our offering.

Fabian & Wladimir from Zurich, Switzerland

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